The iphone, a magnificent work tool

New technologies have greatly facilitated the development of many professions. This is particularly evident in non-presential work, i.e. in so-called teleworking, which is now so important. The iphone plays a very important role in this, a device that combines the qualities of a personal computer with its small size, thanks to which we can take it everywhere without any effort.

The images on your iphone

As we were saying, this technological device has practically the same potential as a personal computer.

It even allows you to upload content to your website, your blog or your social networks. And not only text, you can also include photos. In this sense, it gives you options such as image search in Google from iphone as easily as you would do with your laptop.In fact, you can do both text and image searches. And once you find the one you are interested in, you just have to download it in a file and then upload it again to your media.

As you know, photos and videos are essential to make your website and your social networks attractive to visitors.However, as far as images are concerned, you should know that many of them are composed of the cmyk colour palette, that is, the one that includes the basic shades (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). It is the ideal one to make a graphic impression. But the screens of the devices generally use the RGB format (red, green and blue). Consequently, for your photos to be of good quality, they must be adapted to the latter format in a process called colour matching.

Other possibilities of the iphone to work

We don't need to remind you that on your device you have tools such as the calendar, contacts and even notes, which make your work easier.

But the iphone also has many other possibilities.You can download many applications that will help you in your professional work. For example, if you have to make several visits, Evernote or Wunderlist allow you to get organized and improve your productivity. We recommend that you sort the professional applications alphabetically. The iOS system allows you to do this and you'll find them faster.Another advantage of the iphone is that it gives you the ability to share documents between devices running on different systems such as iOS and MAC.

With MailDrop, which comes standard on iphones, you can share these contents through the cloud. As for collaborative work, as you know, you can hold video conferences with clients and colleagues. Also, iphones have tools such as the universal clipboard or shared notes to improve that collaborative work.In addition, the iphone allows you to multitask. For example, in iOS, a double-click on the Home button shows you all the applications you're using, so you can switch between them.

And if you download apps like Split View, you can work with two of them simultaneously.Finally, the iphone has a large storage capacity, usually 5 GB. So you don't have to worry about using it to work, you're going to exceed your limit. Also, keep in mind that you can expand that capacity up to 50 GB for a reasonable price.In short, the iphone is a great working tool that can make your professional work much easier. The ones we have mentioned are some of its possibilities, but it has many others.

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