Discover Porto Vecchio in Corsica!

Porto Vecchio is a popular destination for tourists and promises an unforgettable stay. Whether you spend time there with your family or as a couple, you will surely fall in love with this place. Follow the guide to learn more about your future destination.

Porto Vecchio, an idyllic city

Situated more precisely in the department of South Corsica, Porto Vecchio is a tourist mecca. Described as a jewel of the Isle of Beauty, the town nestles at the foot of the aiguilles de Bavella.

Numerous salt marsh farms are present in Porto Vecchio. It was with the installation of the bastion of France in the 18th century that the town prospered considerably. Nowadays, it is its beaches and its mountainous landscapes which make its fame. Indeed, because of its location between the sea and the mountains, it attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life.

Its beaches are combined with the charm of the old port for the summer seasons and the steep paths for hiking enthusiasts.

What to do in Porto Vecchio?

For the less sporty or for those who want to laze in the sun, the beaches and the sea around Porto Vecchio welcome you. For sea trips, you can choose between excursions already organized and free discoveries.Although situated in the south of Corsica, the town has a marina. Accessible to all budgets, you will be able to rent various boats such as motorboats, sailing boats or catamarans to visit the surroundings. If you choose to rent a boat, you can contact professionals or private individuals online.

A boat rental porto vecchio with a skipper is possible to enjoy your holidays in complete peace of mind. So you will have a great time with your family by participating in each activity even if you are not at the helm of the boat or do not have a licence.

Porto Vecchio as a family, what activities to do?

From Porto Vecchio, sailing, scuba diving or water skiing are excellent ways to entertain children. The creeks and inlets are beautiful. About ten miles away, you can enjoy the bay of Rondinara and the wonderful beaches of Palombaggia.

To make sure you visit all the idyllic places in the area, don't hesitate to check the website of the local tourist office.However, be careful if you are accompanied by small children during your trip. Before swimming and the various walks at sea, the whole family should be informed about first aid. In order to spare those boarding the boat for the first time, do not choose long trips for beginners. As far as possible, use stopovers as an opportunity to entertain children while introducing them to marine biodiversity.

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