Companies must renew themselves or die with new technologies

New technologies generate new business strategies for companiesBig Data increases up to 12% the income of companiesWith the arrival of new technologies, new types of digital businesses have flourished as we have never known, but this has also caused many companies to stagnate with traditional methods and are on the verge of bankruptcy. The solution to avoid falling with the arrival of the digital era is to renew and adapt to these new business models. The connection between society has grown at a dizzying rate due to the Internet and modern mobile devices, opening up new and unpredictable formulas for companies. These new forms of communication have increased profits, as in the case of Big Data, which increases companies' income by 12l, making new technologies a great positive influence for many businesses.

The main strategy is to adapt to the new type of client that is connected to the network, with greater access to information. Today we can find as small entrepreneurs as carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers or hairdressers offer their services through the Internet. The ways of the unemployed to look for work are increasing, through digital resumes in employment portals or pages with their professional career to which any company can access. We also find companies participating in social networks, clarifying doubts and being closer to their clients.

But they must also offer a better communication that seems interesting to the customer. A good campaign in social networks, and creating web pages or blogs with interesting information about business activities can increase the number of subscribers, and as a consequence increase your potential customers. For companies, the new digital era is a good opportunity to better discover customers and their needs, while at the same time making themselves better known and expanding their brand on the Internet. In conclusion, the new technologies are the opportunity for companies to reinvent themselves or stay on the road due to lack of innovation.

Marley Ouellet
Marley Ouellet

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